Úvod Projects MIDIH – publication activity

MIDIH – publication activity

The MIDIH project. in the context of the H2020 program, is innovation activity focused on active of support of digitally supported innovation activities in industrially focused SMEs (including mid-cap companies).

IFAC  International Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS 2019)

Date: 29. – 31. October 2019

Location: Stará Lesná, Slovakia

Web: http://www.pdes-conference.eu/

The IFAC PDeS is an important international forum where researchers from around the world discuss the latest findings from their research and areas of their interest. The primary focus is on programmable devices and systems and the future development of applied electronics in ICT control.

List of papers

1. Enhanced approaches to automated monitoring environmental quality in non-isolated thermodynamic system

indexed in ScienceDirect

Authors: Ondrej Kainz, František Jakab, Miroslav Michalko, Miroslav Hudák, Rastislav Petija

Abstract: The main aim of the research is to implement the smart control for automating the process of monitoring and managing the quality of environment. Experimental hardware solution is in the form of prototype greenhouse that allows to monitor the quality of the environment. Selected microcontroller is utilized for the purposes of monitoring and gathering of data from the sensors. Hardware prototype serves as a model for data acquisition and its subsequent management. The treatment process is controlled to ensure the most stable conditions for plant growth in the greenhouse. The reading of temperature, humidity (both soil and air), pH and air quality were considered as main aspects for monitoring of the environment. The control is based on the implementation of fuzzy logic, the created model, and temperature prediction in the environment. The system represents a comprehensive solution for monitoring and in uencing the plant growth. The experimental solution was evaluated in the laboratory conditions in the form of monitoring quality of environment during the growth of several plants, e.g. albizia julibrissin. Research was carried out as a part of MIDIH H2020 project, the DIHIWARE platform for collaboration was utilized, while proposing the utilization of project’s architecture in experimental solution.

2. Wireless data acquisition from automated workplaces based on RFID technology

indexed in ScienceDirect

Authors: Marek Vagaš, Alena Galajdová, Dušan Šimšík, Daniela Onofrejová

Abstract: RFID technology has become the strategic part of industry 4.0 in a wider content as source for implementation into the automated workplaces. Deployment of such new technologies brings continuous increasing of demands for wireless large data collection and acquisition (Big data) in a real time with emphasis to simplicity and speed.

International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA 2019)

Date: 21. – 22. november 2019

Location: Starý Smokovec, Slovensko

Web: http://www.iceta.sk/

The ICETA aims to exchange experiences in the utilization of advanced ICT for education, development of a multidisciplinary platform for information exchange in research and development of multimedia and hypermedia applications, in complex computer support of learning and in new telecommunication services, supporting a collaboration among the users and suppliers of learning solutions, and creating of a broad database of future customers and users of the presented services.

List of papers

1. Contribution of MIDIH project to solution of selected aspects supporting efficient application of Digital Transformation in industrial processes

indexed in IEEE Xplore

Authors: František Jakab, Gabriela Alexandrová, Ondrej Kainz, Anton Lavrin, Miroslav Michalko

Abstract: The paper presents the mission of the H2020 project MIDIH, which solution is still ongoing and will be completed in 2020. In connection with the project’s mission, the ongoing outputs of the solution with selected aspects supporting the efficient application of Digital Transformations (DT) in production processes are presented. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the professional quality of human resources for all actors, while guaranteeing the application of a given DT. An important project contribution to the solution of the above-mentioned problem is the development of the concept of “Digital transformation journey – customer approach”, which supports the solution in multiple aspects of DT, especially aspects related to human resources development.